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Branding is a critical element in showcasing your business to the world. Without the proper branding you can be seen as unprofessional or you may simply be targeting the wrong audience for your business.

Our team cares deeply about how you are perceived as a business and we know that firing up your marketing is a sure-fire way to achieve success!

With our company there is no need to go to five different companies to get the result you want. We are a one stop marketing agency that can help with every aspect of your new business or business rebranding.

From graphic design to social media to web design, contact us today to see how we can accelerate your growth!

Founder & Marketing Director


Christine Sikorski is the driving force behind RapidFire Promotions. With more than fifteen years experience in various management and customer service roles and a diploma in Marketing and Advertising from Durham College, she thrives as a leader and marketer.

Anyone who has worked with Christine will tell you that she is a straight shooter. She cares deeply about her clients and their success and communicating the best way to help them brand their business without it negatively affecting their business is always the first step.

As an entrepreneur for the last five years, she has learned a lot about business and about life. Organizing events for hundreds of people was something she was good at but not passionate about. With RapidFire, she has come full circle and created a company she was born to lead.

Consistency and professionalism are important to Christine and her team. Little things like using the right colour may seem small, but when it comes to the little details, they all matter and Christine and her team are exceptionally skilled at getting those little details right. Her keen eye for detail has been toted as one of her many strengths.


Graphic Design

Business Cards
Marketing Materials
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Web Design

Website Branding

Stylized Photography

Professional Headshots
Product Styling
In-action Shots
Branded “stock” images

Social Media




Content Review
Content Creation

Video Production

Tip Videos
Behind the Scenes



Current Branding
Social Media Platforms

1 on 1 Training

Website Management
Social Media Management
Facebook Advertising

Branded Wine Bottles

Bottles of Wine
Custom Labels
Bottling & Labeling

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